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  • Wild Rice
    Picking wild rice at Naosap Harvest in Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

    Wild rice (aka Canada rice, Indian rice, water oats) is actually not rice at all, but a tall grass that is harvested from natural, shallow water in small lakes and slow-flowing streams. Wild rice is chewy texture with a nutty flavour and contains Vitamin B, iron, protein and many other nutrients. It's gluten-free, high fibre and low fat. The Ojibway consider wild rice to be a sacred component in their culture.

    Wild Man Ricing in The Pas is 100% organic. The rice is roasted in a wood-fired roaster, and cooks in 25-40 minutes (no presoaking required). Manitoba exports 27% of its wild rice. Naosap Harvest in Cranberry Portage is also certified organic. See wild rice recipes.

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