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Lets Ad You!

Loons swimming on a lake in Bancroft, Ontario | Photo: Clark Young

Choose one, several or ALL options!

Only businesses based in Canada can be on this website. Options are: FREE listings, flags and Facebook icons and image links. For a nominal fee, you can appear on more than one page (multiple listings). If you have multiple locations (such as a franchise), you may qualify for a Canada-wide listing. Complete our contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you!


Example of Free Listings



FREE Listings

Every Canadian business, organization, artist and artisan is allowed 1 free text listing with a link to your:

– top level domain URL (not a subpage); or
– Facebook page URL.

See the categories available for our listings.

Multiple listings

If you operate under a domain’s subpage, or have more than one location to list, the fee is $25 per year per listing.

Canada-wide listings

Our Canada-wide section lists franchises, chains, corporate stores and government departments. If an organization with the same name operates in multiple locations, they may qualify for one free listing in the Canada-wide section. If all locations are in one province, the one free listing may go on their head office city’s page.

*If your business changes (moved, changed name or category) please notify us. If you do not notify us and we learn of a change that no longer aligns with Canadian Only, the listing will be removed. See Disclaimer.

Submit your FREE listing


Example of Flags & Facebook icons

Icons: Flags & Facebook

Made in Canada Canadian flag next to listing

Flags are free. They sit next to a listing under Products and mean that at least 51% of the business’s products are designed, handmade, manufactured and/or made in Canada (using at least 51% Canadian-sourced materials).

Where all businesses under a category heading qualify for a flag, it is placed in the category heading. (Listings in the services section are understood to be Canadian-owned, so they don’t need flags.)

A flag displayed next to a franchise listing in the Canada-wide section means that the business is Canadian-owned.

Facebook URL Facebook icon next to listing

If you have your unique domain URL linked from your business name, but also want to have a Facebook icon with a link to your Facebook page it’s a one-off $10 fee.* (Facebook icons don’t apply to Facebook-only URL listings.)


Facebook Page Address
City or Town & Province


Image Links

On any interest page, an image (linked to your website) can be placed immediately above your text listing.

You supply an uncropped image that meets our high quality standards.*

Limited time offer

Home page (Interests): $35
Province page (Interests): $20
Province category intro page: $15
City or area page: $10

Prices are monthly.

*We reserve the right to approve only such images that reflect the purpose of this website.
We we will work with you to achieve the best placement and most suitable image to reflect your business in the best light.

Contact us about Image Links


Did you know?

  • Your business name here
    Quirky Idea, BC

    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Selecting the right one can draw attention to the core essence of what your business is about. Partnering a photo with succinctly selective words can drive customers directly to you!

    Contact us for opportunities to appear in a “Did you know” space here on the Canadian Only website!

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