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We bring you diverse information about Canada. Support Canadian-made products and Canadian-owned ‘shop local’ businesses! At the time of posting, all of our listings are confirmed as Canadian!

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What you’ll find on this website

1. Canadian businesses, organizations, artists and artisans (let’s add you, too!) listed by province/territory and by interest

2. Information about Canada (places, tourism, history, maps and fun facts in Did You Know boxes at the bottom of each page)

3. A special page for Seniors’ resources

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Canada’s Provinces and Territories

Click on any province or territory below for local information and links to businesses, attractions and events in your area of interest.

See a detailed map of Canada’s political boundaries.

Canada MapNunavutBritish ColumbiaYukonAlbertaSaskatchewanManitobaOntarioNova ScotiaPrince Edward IslandNewfoundland & LabradorQuébecNew BrunswickNorthwest Territories

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For franchises and chains where a business has multiple locations, please go to the Canada-wide section.

Did you know?

  • Canadian Flag
  • Royal Canadian Mint

    The Royal Canadian Mint issues commemorative coins and keepsakes to recognize people and events in history.

    In October 2004, 30 million 25-cent poppy coins (quarters) were pressed. This was the world’s first coloured coin in circulation. The red poppy, Canada's flower of remembrance, was stamped with pressurized ink. It had an innovative fluorescent security coating and quickly became a collector's item. At the Mint Directors' Conference (MDC) in Paris, France, this coin was named the Most Innovative Circulation Coin. Red poppy coins are now released annually to commemorate Remembrance Day.

    In 2019, the Mint produced its first silver coin with a Murano glass poppy.

    See keepsake subscriptions and new releases.

    2004 Poppy 25-cent coin
    2019 Poppy Murano silver coin
  • Canadian Monopoly

How to use this website

Our 10 provinces and 3 territories are divided into areas (usually North, South, East and West).

Each province/territory has
5 interest groups

Accommodation lists B&Bs, campgrounds, hotels, resorts, vacation rentals and more

Arts & Culture lists galleries, artists, artisans, Indigenous, history, museums and more

Eat & Drink lists cafés, family dining, fast food, fine dining, pubs and more

Products & Services lists great things we find that can be purchased in Canada

Things to Do lists activities (indoor, outdoor), attractions and events

Begin your search

1. Click on a province or territory on the very top of the page (or list above). Then scroll down to the 5 areas of interest in that province/territory.
2. Click on an interest (above) on the home page and choose a province or territory.
3. Use the search engine (type keywords into the search field) just under our logo at the top of the home page to search this website.

Did you know?

Make sure you read our Did you know fun facts located in a box at the bottom of each page!

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Map of Canada’s Political Divisions

This map shows Canada’s boundaries, capitals, selected place names and water bodies, the Arctic Circle, and adjacent foreign areas.

Map of Canada’s Political Divisions - Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – CanadaYukonNorthwest TerritoriesNunavutBritish ColumbiaAlbertaSaskatchewanManitobaPrince Edward IslandNova ScotiaNew BrunswickNewfoundland & LabradorOntarioQuébec

See this map in French.
See maps of Canada showing: geographical relief, time zones and national parks.
See a map showing historical Indian treaties negotiated between 1725 and 1930.

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